CMF announces construction of 1,900 new homes in the west of Funchal

The west zone of the city of Funchal, between the Forum and Praia Formosa, will receive another 6 to 8 thousand people in the next 4 years, as a result of the construction of 1,900 new homes, representing 284,000 m2 in new areas, intended for the construction of dwellings.

The revelation was made by Pedro Calado at the inauguration of the premises of ‘ZOME Madeira’, a brand that replaces ‘7M Real Estate’ in the regional real estate market.

These numbers “reveal the potential for growth and the favorable climate for business in real estate”, underlined the president of the CMF, adding that his executive considers it important to provide the services of the municipality to “enlighten and help citizens and investors”.

“See the Funchal Chamber as a partner, focused on streamlining licensing and construction procedures, in order to facilitate investment, economic growth, job creation, and the well-being of the population”, highlighted Pedro Calado.

In the end, he appealed to financial institutions to provide “good advice” to people in accessing credit, “since the increase in the cost of living is already noticeable, due to the increase in inflation and interest rates of reference”.

From Diário Notícias

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