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I have been in touch with Dorita from the tourist board about the 90 day stay out of the UK, and there is really no need to panic. We expect this length of stay to be extended very soon, and as soon as we know I will put it up on the blog.

This is what Dorita Mendoça has sent me.

There is no need for panic since we are still in the State of Emergency situation, all permits are extended because appointments are only for urgent matters with SEF. That limit of the end of March is expected to be extended very soon as no visas are being done.

Still, there is an online service for extending permits. The information is in the links below:

COVID-19: Changes at SEF public service and border control – The Official Website of Portuguese Immigration


You can also send queries to gricrp.cc@sef.pt or contact:


808 202 653 (Phone)

808 962 690 (Mobile)

Has anyone applied or extended their stay with a visa??? Let me know in the comments below or email me at madeiraislandnews@gmail.com


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