São Pedro da Ribeira Brava, considered one of the biggest festivals in Madeira, is back in full force and with a lot of excitement.

The party started on Sunday with the decorations and lighting and ends on July 3, with the celebration of the Blessed Sacrament. In between, a lot of music and the revival of some traditions that have been maintained over generations, especially the espetada on the stone, which is a very old landmark of this village.

Today, Saint Peter’s Eve, is a day for pilgrimages and to contemplate the charola made in Fajã da Ribeira with agricultural products and the Boat of Achada that carries the image of Saint Peter, both on display next to the main church. At night, from 10 pm, the popular marches start with 13 groups and around 600 participants.

On the other hand, ‘São Pedro’ offers a playful aspect that brings together artists from Ribeira Brava (Kontratempo, Júlia Ochôa and João Vinagre) and national artists (Jorge Guerreiro, Nuno Ribeiro and The Gift) on stage, from Thursday to Saturday.
The mayor, Ricardo Nascimento, welcomes, in a statement, the return of this party that is a milestone in the county and throughout the Region and provides for a “full house”, with many people from various parts of the island. “It has been like this, but this year, with the relief of the pandemic, we think that people have the need and desire to celebrate and be with friends”, says the mayor, stressing that there is room for everyone.

For this reason, the Municipality returned to invest in this village, which is seen as an “added value in terms of commercial dynamism”.
In terms of commercial offer, the festival has 60 stalls from various business areas, in addition to the traditional commerce that complements the gastronomy of the festival.

From Jornal Madeira

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