The JPP regretted today that one of its posters has been vandalized again, as this is not the first time that a similar situation has occurred.

Faced with this situation, the party condemns the “democratic intolerance and the difficulty in understanding the basic principles of democracy and managing the TRUTH”, which led to this act of vandalism on its poster that deals with the exploitation of GESBA to banana growers.

“An attitude that deserves our strongest repudiation in the face of an act of vandalism in a personal capacity or ordered by third parties, which led to the destruction of an information poster that was exposed next to the well-known “GESBA roundabout”, with the apparent use of a cutting tool,” notes the JPP.

It should be noted that this poster highlights the difference in the price of bananas paid by GESBA to the producer between 2006 and 2022 (€0.60 and €0.26 per kg respectively), accompanied by a message that states “they are touching the pocket of the farmer”.

“An uncomfortable message for some, but which reflects the truth of the facts, proven by the producers’ own receipts. This is not the first time that a JPP “poster” has been the target of an act of vandalism, the recurrence does not fail to reveal a deep concern and unease in the face of the truth that is brought by the mouth and the struggle of the People”, asserts the party, which considers that this is a “clear example of a lack of civility and democratic culture, perpetuated by cowardly acts that, covered up at night, uselessly seek to silence the popular voice”.

“You can be sure: we will not be silenced!”, added the party, which guarantees that it will file a complaint with the competent authorities and that it will restore the respective “billboard”, “in the name of defending the regional producer and the primary sector, in particular the banana growers, who will never be alone in the struggle for the valorization of their work”.

From Jornal Madeira