Civil Protection reinforces surveillance in the mountains due to high temperatures forecast for the weekend

Surveillance in the mountains of Madeira will be reinforced with more resources to integrate the ECIR teams of the Regional Civil Protection Service due to the high temperatures that are forecast for this weekend.

During a visit to the Rural Fire Fighting Operational Program team in the municipality of Ribeira Brava, António Nunes said that for this he has the support of the GNR, the PSP, the Forest Police and the Armed Forces, which will even participate in this system with surveillance with drones.

The president of the regional civil protection service left several recommendations due to the “worrying” weather conditions that lie ahead, asking the population to “avoid at all costs any act that could trigger a spark or fire ignition”.

He also warned not to carry out authorized and especially unauthorized fires and, if possible, to avoid barbecues.

On this visit, which was also attended by members of the ECIR team from Ribeira Brava (Ezequiela Abreu, Joaquim Pires and Jéssica Santos) he reported that between 15 June and 6 July 68 occurrences were recorded, 52 of them referring to unauthorized fires.

However, it has a “very positive” balance to date, as there have not yet been any complicated cases that could not be resolved at an early stage. “This will certainly be linked to the number of teams we have on the ground, which at the moment are 13 teams with 39 elements and which are patrolling the entire territory of Madeira”, he said.

From Diário Notícias