Lack of professionals puts healthcare at risk.

Health centers without doctors, long waiting lists, thousands waiting for operations for quality of life…..

Chega Madeira criticizes SESARAM for the delay in emergency care at Dr. Nélio Mendonça, and attributes the situation to the lack of professionals, namely nurses and doctors.

“The only public hospital in Madeira that attends to all urgent cases in the Region, does not have sufficient structures, manpower and equipment, and in conditions to attend to users. The lack of employees is one of the serious and glaring problems in the area of ​​​​health,” the party said in a statement.

Chega accuses the Regional Government of not having “the capacity to improve the health system in Madeira, as well as not having the goodwill to develop projects aimed at the necessary reforms to prevent and improve the health of Madeirans”.

“Chega Madeira defends the increase in the number of vacancies for nursing courses, given that students residing in RAM can make their contribution and improve care in the various health sectors in the region, being a way to encourage their retention in RAM and solve the problem of lack of manpower. The lack of nurses and doctors is glaring, both in Health Centers and in Public Hospitals, Private Clinics and Homes for the Elderly”, underlines the party.

Chega recalls that the Ponta do Pargo Health Center “has not held medical consultations since the beginning of June, since the only doctor who gives consultations there is on vacation, which also occurs in other health centers”.

“Chega-Madeira understands that the creation of more vacancies for professional training in health, will also increase the hiring of specialized technical staff, improving working conditions, performance and response to problems, thus ensuring the provision of the necessary health services. , responding to the growing existing demand”, concludes the statement.

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