Summer 2022 about to start???

The first tropical night of this Summer 2022, in Madeira, was recorded in Funchal on the night of this Sunday, the 3rd of July.

At the Funchal/Lido weather station, the minimum air temperature did not drop below 20ºC throughout the night. The extreme value of the minimum temperature was 20.0 ºC, recorded at 06:00. This town in downtown Funchal was the only one in the Region covered by the IPMA meteorological station network in the Region (20 in Madeira Island, 1 in Porto Santo), where the air temperature did not drop below 20ºC.

The last tropical night in downtown Funchal took place exactly two weeks ago. It was on the 19th of June, that is, on the eve of the beginning of the summer solstice, also in Funchal/Lido, where the minimum temperature then stood at 20.5ºC.

From Diário Notícias

As we head into the first full week of July, the weather will start to improve, with much more sunshine and warmer temperatures which could be as high as 34° by the end of next week as hot air puses up from North Africa.

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