Banana war continues…

Juntos pelo Povo (JPP) recently requested a request for documentation from the public company GESBA, through the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Rural Development, in order to clarify public opinion about the real price that GESBA sells bananas to different intermediaries.

According to a note sent to the newsroom, the documentation followed with two requests regarding the costs of transporting goods and the invoices issued on the sale of bananas for the year 2021.

“Producers complain that what they receive from GESBA has been successively decreasing, given a situation currently marked by an escalation in production costs and that little or nothing has been reflected in what the public company pays banana growers. On the other hand, the large distribution sells Madeira bananas to consumers at “golden weight, high prices ””, says the JPP.

The party considers that GESBA, which was created to increase the income of producers, “is not fulfilling its mission, distributing millionaire profits to its shareholders (Regional Government and PATRIRAM), and leaving producers to look at their land with little or no desire to maintain this production”, he adds.

“It is also important to mention that the JPP is the only party that uses requests for documentation within the scope of its inspection powers, with the aim of objectively clarifying public opinion on topics that are not disclosed by the Government. In this case, in particular, we recall that, according to the invoices provided by the producers, 15 years ago a kilo of banana was better paid by the sector to banana growers”, he concludes.

From Jornal Madeira