Doca do Cavacas bans bathing again

The bathing area at Doca do Cavacas, also known as Poças do Gomes, is once again prohibited for swimming. The fourth time since the bathing season started this year.

Rui Cortez, administrator of Frente MarFunchal, told TSF that “the dirt comes from the West zone, passes along Praia Formosa, but accumulates at the dock and that is where the collection is made by the Regional Directorate of Health”. In addition, he explained that “it is a coincidence that it was always on Mondays”, which he suspects may be related to irrigation water discharges that also have dates scheduled to pass the levada. “We still don’t know the origin, we’ve been trying to find out for two months, but the Regional Directorate for the Environment has a strong suspicion that it could be coming from mountain areas, mountains or even closer, from discharges from houses next to levadas. ”.

The official also warned that there are still houses in the Region that do not have sanitation and that are located in the mountains next to the levadas, admitting that he is aware that there are houses that flush the levadas and “everything comes crashing into the sea”.

From Diário Notícias