Madeira has 8 ‘Accessible Beaches’

The ‘Accessible Beach – Beach for All!’ is an award given annually to Portuguese bathing areas that ensure conditions of accessibility, safety, comfort, autonomy and independence for people with reduced mobility, with the aim of providing them with equal and dignified enjoyment of these leisure spaces.

In the Autonomous Region of Madeira, eight “accessible beaches” were distinguished:

– Banda d’Além – With amphibious chair
– São Roque

– Ribeira do Faial

Santa Cruz
– Praia das Palmeiras

– Ponta Gorda Bathing Complex – Poças do Governador – With mechanical device for access to the pool and bathing support service
– Lido Bathing Complex – With amphibious chair for access to the pool and bathing support service
– Praia Formosa – With chair amphibious and bathing support service

Porto Santo
Fontinha – With amphibious chair and bathing support service

Of the 234 beaches accessible from all over the country awarded in the current bathing season, 57 are river or lake bathing areas and 177 are maritime or transitional, of which 18 are in the Azores and 8 in Madeira.

Around 80% of these beaches provide an important added value, namely: amphibious bathing equipment and beach walks for people with reduced mobility, with most municipalities and concessionaires providing bathing assistance services.

From Diário Notícias