São Vicente Caves Still Closed After 30 Months

Two and a half years later, the São Vicente Caves are still closed to the public and there is no forecast of when they will reopen.

At the moment, a specification is being prepared for the restoration work to be carried out in the space. The camera ensures that the caves only reopen when all safety conditions are met for visitors.

The caves have been closed since March 2020,  when the island was hit by an earthquake,  causing damage to this attraction.

The extent of the damage and what damage had actually been caused,  seems to be a muster,  and many say the Câmara of São Vicente are covering something up.

The volcanism center is open,  I believe this is part of the show that takes you to the center of the earth,  judging by comments on tripadvisor this is not worth the visit,  and nothing saying the caves are closed.