Infected tourists ‘pay’ between 108 and 141 euros per day in designated accommodation

Hotel or local accommodation establishments must transfer to IASaúde the revenue for the daily accommodation paid to them in advance.

The Regional Government resolution establishing the rules and, in this case, the amounts to be deducted by tourists who carry the new coronavirus, has already been published.

As a way of reducing the costs inherent to tourists who tested positive for covid-19, upon arrival in the Region, and who in the meantime are displaced to hotel establishments reserved for covid-19 patients, the Madeiran executive determined that hotel establishments or local accommodation they must transfer to IASaúde the revenue related to the daily accommodation that has been paid to them in advance – deducting the nights actually used – as well as the 120 euros expense related to the disinfection of the accommodation where the ‘guests’ will be sent.

The amount to be transferred is limited to the total number of nights at the hotel reserved for covid-19 patients and corresponds to the unit value of 108 euros (single room) and 141 euros (double room). This measure applies to all hotels or local accommodation establishments established in the territory of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

The economist and administrator of Quintinha de São João, André Barreto, slammed this afternoon at the Regional Government after the publication. Wifh regards to the prices and where they got them from. Rooms are 55 euros a night at the monent on booking. com, and the the present climate, I’m sure many can be found even cheaper.

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