New cruise line Ambassador Cruise Line passes through Madeira

Lisbon, Porto and Madeira will be three of the stopping points of some Ambassador Cruise Line itineraries, a new cruise line is reaching the British market.

Garland was the shipping agency chosen to serve the operator’s ships that, in countercyclical, to the crisis in the sector, originated by its stoppage in the course of the pandemic, makes a strong investment focused on offering options for destinations of great historical significance worldwide or that incorporate ecology.

Ambassador Cruise Line guarantees that “it will offer an authentic and premium value cruise experience, sailing to the British market from its base port, Tilbury. It will thus offer air exclusion itineraries aimed primarily at the market for travelers over 50 years old “.

Sustainability as a mission
Ambassador’s proposal is “to return the happiness of sailing on ships that look and feel like cruise ships, but that take environmental responsibility into practice, updating ships with emission reduction technologies, advanced ballast systems and treatment of sanitary waters, which will allow them to navigate in all seas, including in ecologically protected environments “.

For example, disposable plastic on board has been eliminated and the technology will be used as an innovative alternative for printing menus, Excursions and activity schedules.