Five times the number of parking spaces in Areeiro

Susana Prada traveled today to Pico do Areeiro, where she visited the works that led to the creation of a new parking area with a capacity for 200 vehicles.

The occasion was taken advantage of by the regional secretary for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change to also visit the pedestrian access created (800 meters) between the new car park and Pico do Areeiro.

“The government is always attentive to the conditions for visiting the most sought-after spaces in nature”, he began by assuring, and in this way justifying the intervention made in order to discipline traffic and “improve the conditions” of accessibility to Pico do Areeiro.

He recalled that before this recent intervention “there were 60 parking spaces for light vehicles”, all on the access ramp to the top, and that now, in view of the reorganization implemented, “we have 285 spaces”, that is, “we have increased the parking space five times” . He stressed.

Of these, about 15 spaces are an “exclusive parking area for tourism professionals (buses, vans, taxis”, created on the access section to Radar Station, which, as it is a roundabout at the end, facilitates the reversal of trucks. these top parking spaces are limited to 1 hour.

Susana Prada also highlighted the new signage implemented in the final part of the RE.

“We disciplined parking on the road”, which “began to be marked with yellow lines in the narrowest places (curves)” and complemented with “prohibition signs” reinforced with trailer signs. He considers the measure important to ensure more fluid traffic, since “whoever parks on the yellow line runs the risk of being towed away”.

The problem is the alleged contradiction that this signage (horizontal and vertical) poses, because by prohibiting parking on the yellow lines, it is understood that parking is authorized where there are no longer any marks on the pavement and the respective vertical signage. A fact that Susana Prada relegated to the Roads director to justify. It was agreed that the provision in question could be amended, if justified.

From Diário Notícias

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