The candidate list for the Francisco Franco School Finalists Committee alleges that there were no serious anomalies during the dance held yesterday, which took place at Estádio do Marítimo, and which lasted until dawn.

António Pereira, president of the Commission, reveals to JM that the idea that some young people were attacked with a syringe “is nothing more than a rumor that has taken on unimaginable proportions and is harming the list and, mainly, the school”.

In a conversation with the newspaper, the student reports, in fact, that “there were means of help” in the area of ​​the graduation party who did not make any transport to the hospital, in addition to the Public Security Police (PSP) that was also guaranteeing the order and was informed of the students’ festivities.

“The party didn’t end in panic. It actually ended earlier, but it was because the PSP asked the commission to put an end to the noise that was bothering the neighbors”. And so it was. All the students who were at the party were invited to leave and the organisation says it accepted the PSP’s indications and ended the party immediately. “It is true that the PSP gave the order to end the party, but only because of noise”, he reinforced. 

On the other hand, António Pereira points out that he already has information from the private security team that was hired, which guarantee that “there was no person pricking others with a syringe”, as well as “there were no students fainting”. What happened, he reveals, was “a student kid who had a bad time with alcohol and his mother invented it”.
Finally, António Pereira adds that the candidate list already has some reports that deny the whole difficult scenario created and will still ask the firefighters and the hospital for reports about that night. “None of this is true,” he laments to JM.

During the afternoon, JM also spoke with official sources from SESARAM and the Firefighters Sapadores do Funchal, a corporation that was guaranteeing pre-hospital care, who also denied having been confronted with strange cases.
At the hospital, we are assured that only one individual came in with alcohol intoxication, taken by a family member. An official source from the CBSF also guarantees that there was no ambulance leaving the site for the hospital due to needle sticks.
There were three assists at the scene, but it was because of alcohol consumption. A source from the PSP reveals that the patrols were in Barreiros to finish the party, confirming that the complaints were about the noise that was felt in the early hours of the morning.

From Jornal Madeira