5,590 people arrived on ‘Anthem of the Seas’ this morning

The ‘Anthem of the Seas’, from Vigo, docked this morning at the Port of Funchal, with 4,058 passengers and 1,532 crew.

This is a nine-hour stopover in Madeira, departing at 5 pm, bound for Lanzarote.

An hour later, the ‘World Voyager’ is expected, a ship flying the Portuguese flag, coming from Malaga, and which will spend the night in Madeira. It will make a tourround that involves 44 arrivals and 107 departures.

The vast majority of ‘World Voyager’ passengers are of German origin.

It is scheduled to leave at 6 pm on Monday, October 10, heading to Tenerife.

From Diário Notícias

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