Civil Protection launches alerts for the coming rain

The Regional Command of Relief Operations of the Regional Civil Protection issued an alert and recommendations to the population due to the vast period of precipitation that is already underway and is expected to worsen in the coming hours and days.

According to contacts with the Funchal Meteorological Observatory (IPMA), “and as a result of a vast depression, centered to the west of the British Isles with associated frontal surfaces, will significantly affect, in the coming days, the weather in the Madeira Archipelago, in particularly with regard to precipitation”, he informs.

“We expect periods of rain or temporarily heavy showers accompanied by thunderstorms, especially during the afternoon of the 26th (Wednesday), between the early afternoon of the 27th (Thursday) and the afternoon of the 28th (Friday) and during part of the 30th (Sunday)”, highlights, thus, the next five days, with some calm weather on Saturday.

“The showers will be stronger and more persistent on the south coast and in the mountainous regions of Madeira, and the predicted values ​​fall within the orange warning level, both for 1 hour and for 6 hours, so the weather warnings issued must be accompanied by the IPMA”, he emphasizes.

The “temporarily moderate southwest wind (10 to 30 km/h) or occasionally moderate to strong (30 to 40 km/h), with gusts that may reach values ​​of 70 to 90 km/h, especially on the south coast, in the mountainous regions and in Porto Santo”. concludes.

Thus, “in view of the warnings now issued, the SRPC, IP-RAM, reiterates the alert for the following recommendations :

Close doors and windows and remove loose objects from balconies and window sills.

Whenever possible, avoid traveling to areas affected by this type of weather situation.

Do not drive through areas with degraded buildings, due to the risk of landslides.

Adopt defensive driving, reducing speed and taking special care with the possible formation of water tables;

Ensure the clearing of rainwater drainage systems and removal of inert materials and other objects that can be dragged or create obstacles to the free flow of water;

The risks that auto and footpaths represent, with these conditions, especially in mountainous areas, exposed slopes and coastal areas, so it advises special care in activities during the period in which the warning is in force

Be attentive to weather information and indications from Civil Protection and Security Forces.

“Finally, we inform you that on the SRPC website, IP RAM – and on the Prociv Madeira APP -, in conjunction with the Funchal Meteorological Observatory, information on the evolution of the meteorological situation is kept permanently updated”.

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