Funchal prepares for heavier rains.

Given the probability of increased rainfall in the coming days, the Urban Cleaning service of the Municipality of Funchal has intensified all the work of monitoring critical points subject to flooding, such as the rainwater collectors (gutters), water, grills, among others.

In this sense, the municipality emphasizes that there is a reinforcement of cleaning and inspections, in order to guarantee that the rainwater course is unobstructed in the event of intense precipitation, thus minimizing risk situations for people and property.

Teams of workers are also called to be on alert/prevention in case immediate intervention is necessary.

“This work has to be continuous and persistent, because with the wind and rain, the foliage and the lighter residues are easily dragged to the rainwater collectors (gutters), to the grates and the water drainage system, demanding from the work teams are more careful” says the councilor for the Environment of the CMF, Nádia Coelho.

In this case, the Municipality of Funchal appeals to the citizens to adopt preventive behaviors, namely with regard to the cleaning of water and drainage lines, next to their homes.

From Jornal Madeira

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