‘MSC Magnifica’ mobilizes 19 buses and 45 taxis in Funchal

The “MSC Magnifica” arrived this morning at the Port of Funchal for an eight-hour stopover and is carrying out a partial ‘turnaround’, involving 215 arrivals and 194 departures, says the Ports of Madeira in a press release.

Coming from Tenerife, the ship arrived with 909 crew and 2,275 passengers on board.

With the partial ‘turnaround’ of arrivals and departures, at the exit, it will carry 2,254 passengers.

There are 19 buses and 45 taxis for this stopover of the “Magnifica” in the Port of Funchal, according to APRAM.

The ship departs at 4 pm, bound for Malaga.

From Diário Notícias