The return of the train, a 9 meter high tree, several natural pine trees and a wide range of sporting activities and artistic presentations mark this year’s edition of Aldeia Natal which will be spreading magic in Praça do Município, between the 9th of December and January 6th.

Aldeia Natal presents itself this year with a “renovated” image and with “great news”, as highlighted this morning by Cristina Pedra, vice-president of the City Council of Funchal (CMF) in the presentation of the event.

Of particular note is the return of the famous train, whose opening hours have been extended compared to previous editions – before it closed at 7 pm and this Christmas it will close at 8 pm -, so that parents and family members can take their children to this train station after working hours. 

“In this way, parents, grandparents and family members who are working have the possibility of going to Aldeia de Natal every day with the children”, underlines Cristina Pedra.

Another of the attractions will be a Christmas tree 9 meters high through which the entrance to the enclosure will be made, where there will also be several natural pine trees. “We are sensitive to environmental and sustainability issues and, as such, these natural pines come from the control of the species that the Ecological Park will come to the Square and then return there to continue to grow”, she pointed out.

For the first time, the event features a wide range of sporting activities, including table tennis, chess, judo, fencing, gymnastics, traditional games and archery.
Magic will also be present, with a magician performing on stage and taking his ‘tricks’ directly to the children in the venue.
The program for this edition, which results from an investment of 64,500 euros, also includes various artistic presentations, from music, dance, theatre, puppets, choirs and mandolins.

Cristina Pedra also mentioned that the artisans will have the opportunity to be making their own products on site, so that the younger ones have a closer perception of manual work.

In addition, and as already known, the municipality will offer popcorn and cotton candy at the end of the day to sweeten the end of the day for children and their families.

The Village will be open every day between 11:00 and 20:00.

From Jornal Madeira