The Salvador Recovery Course – Search and Rescue on Land, which allowed training and qualifying 8 firefighters from the Helitransported Brigade with yet another intervention in the area of ​​rescue, came to an end yesterday, according to the Regional Civil Protection Service.

This training, which began on October 17, was given by trainers from the Special Civil Protection Force, for a total of 80 hours, of which 40 hours were flying, with around 348 winches having been carried out, providing firefighters with technical skills -operational for land search and rescue missions.

“The Regional Government of Madeira, through the Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection, invested in the leasing of a “medium” type air vehicle, which is capable of carrying out two different interventions, one of which is “Land Rescue”, through the operability of the winch”, reads the statement from the said body.

“With this training, the Regional Civil Protection Service, IP-RAM guarantees an adequate response in this type of assistance, ensuring a high degree of readiness, helping people on cliffs, forests and confined spaces, in a faster, more effective and efficient way. “.