“Increasingly chaotic traffic” in Funchal

Despite the extraordinary revenue of 1 million and 111 thousand euros that the City Council of Funchal (CMF) will receive from the State Budget, the Coligação Confiança stresses that “the problems remain, namely traffic in Funchal”.

“Traffic is increasingly chaotic, it has been getting worse, this situation has been deteriorating for a long time now due to the lack of choice of better solutions by this executive”, the statement is from the spokesman of the Coalition, Rúben Abreu, after the weekly meeting of the CMF executive.

According to the party, this is a problem that has been growing, something that is expected to get worse around Christmas: “There will certainly be more traffic, more people coming to the centre, more shopping, more tourism”.

The solution can be solved “with little”, says the coalition, adding that “it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to solve it”, giving as an example the removal of the traffic light from the Francisco Franco School.

In conclusion, the spokesman says that “traffic lights should be placed on other roads that are more important and removed from some that are not”.

From Diário Notícias