“The citizen, who had minor injuries and signs of hypothermia” was referred to the São Vicente Health Center, where she received “medical assistance at 8:00 am”, the PSP Regional Command said in a statement. The victim was transported to the health unit in a police vehicle.

Last morning, a Spanish tourist was rescued and rescued by the PSP’s “Search and Relief, Rescue and Rescue Brigade (BBSSRM)” of the PSP, the PSP Regional Command said today, in a note signed by Commander Luís Simões.

According to the same note, “the steps related to the help and rescue carried out to a 25-year-old Spanish citizen, on vacation in Madeira Island, after a request for help made via 112” emerged after a “family member” contacted the emergency center. of the PSP, “giving knowledge” of the disappearance of the tourist. The operation began with “a patrol car from the São Vicente Police Station sent to that location in order to carry out preliminary steps to try to locate and help”.

After the “telephone contact with the victim, through georeferencing procedures, at 1:30 am, it was possible for the Public Security Police to proceed with the exact location of the victim and proceed to his rescue”.
According to the PSP note, the “success of this operation had the precious collaboration of a citizen residing in São Vicente, who, upon verifying police movements in that place, being aware of that trail and its dangerousness, unconditionally, immediately volunteered to to accompany and assist the Search and Rescue Team in its mission”.

The PSP notes that “due to the danger to the victim’s life, exacerbated by the fall of night and the temperature, in coordination with the Regional Civil Protection Service (SRPC), the Search and Relief Brigade was activated, PSP Mountain Rescue and Rescue”, which carried out an operation that “ended after 10 hours of starting, in a scenario with extremely difficult progression conditions due to the terrain where they took place, especially at night”.

From Jornal Madeira