PJ detained ‘witch’ suspected of fraud in Santana in possession of 100,000 euros

A 50-year-old foreign man was detained by the Judiciary Police on suspicion of qualified fraud and will await trial in jail. He pretended to be a witch and managed to extort an amount of around 100,000 euros in cash.

The information was provided by the Judiciary Police, which refers that, through the Department of Criminal Investigation of Madeira, last Wednesday, in the municipality of Santana, a 50-year-old foreign man was arrested, suspected of the practice of the crime of qualified fraud.

The steps were taken following a complaint filed four days earlier, on December 10, with the PJ identifying the presumed author who, “to achieve his intentions, acted in a context of miraculous healing rituals and spells for the alleged duplication of the money”.

At the time of the arrest, it was possible to recover around 100 thousand euros in cash, an amount involved in this criminal activity, reveals the PJ.

The detainee was first interrogated by the competent judicial authority, and the coercive measure of pre-trial detention was applied to him.

From Diário Notícias