The JPP once again questions the expenses related to Miguel Albuquerque’s trip to Venezuela and asks if the ruler has something to hide.

“What is Miguel Albuquerque hiding? What is Miguel Albuquerque hiding behind 110,000 euros spent on a trip to Venezuela? list of individuals who accompanied him on the trip to Venezuela made in October 2022 and which cost the public purse 110 thousand euros”. 

“The decision of the Administrative and Fiscal Court of Funchal on January 10, follows the request for documentation from the citizen Élvio Sousa to the Presidency of the Regional Government, requesting a list of the expenses incurred on that princely trip to Venezuela and Curaçao, a request that did not have a response from the President of the Regional Government of Madeira, a supposedly unconditional supporter of the transparency of government acts”, they expose.

They also emphasise: “As has become customary, the request for documentation was not granted by the Presidency of the Regional Government, clearly showing the opacity of the Regional Public Administration in providing elements that should necessarily be public, a transparent and democratic public administration must account for its actions and how it manages public money. The Regional Government prefers to hide data from the population that elected it. What is Miguel Albuquerque hiding? Remember that this is a court decision , and not an interpretative rule, the Court deciding that the documents in question are not restricted access, but public, and that they do not fall within the sphere of the private life of the holders, but in the principle of open administration.the Court orders Miguel Albuquerque to provide the citizen Élvio Sousa, within 10 days, with all the documentation, namely: the itemized invoice of the company that took care of this trip (Rameventos, Unip. Lda), the list of individuals who accompanied the entourage and the copy of boarding passes”.

Denoting the time of inflation, the JPP shows that explanations are necessary on the part of the Regional Government.

“He has to explain where and how he spent 110,000 euros of public money on a trip to Venezuela, of which we still do not know the practical effects of this trip, other than whitewashing a dictatorship, referring at the time that everything was normalized in Venezuela.

Transparent public administration has always been one of the flags of the JPP, forcing the Governance to provide the elements of document analysis so that the inspection of government action is carried out efficiently and effectively, behind the 110,000 euros spent on the trip to Venezuela?”, they insist.

From Jornal Madeira

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