The CDU revealed this afternoon that it placed a purple flag at the Garachico School, in the municipality of Câmara de Lobos, “as a way of signaling the ‘Crime Against the Public Interest’ that results from the fact that that public building is abandoned”.

The communists accuse the rulers of “grave negligence against the regional public interest”.

“Not only is it a crime against the public interest to squander public money, since that school opened in 2009 is abandoned and the building is being destroyed, but it is also a crime against the public interest that that building is abandoned by the rulers, when in Garachico there are so many social needs and there is a lack of social projects for the elderly, for children and for youth”, declares Edgar Silva, regional coordinator of the CDU.

The purple flag symbolizes “consternation, indignation and protest in relation to the reigning mismanagement”, clarifies the coordinator in a statement.

Edgar Silva considers “unacceptable that all that public heritage is abandoned and without being at the service of the populations”.

“In addition to the different rooms, a kitchen and a dining hall, there are covered and uncovered recreational spaces and a children’s playground that is deteriorating. There is also a sports complex with the regulatory dimensions of 44×22 meters and a changing room building of support that should be properly monetised in favour of human and social development”, he adds.

The CDU coordinator states that “it is an attack against the public good that the Regional Government has spent 1,800,000.00 Euros on the Garachico School and left that building without an adequate social purpose”.

From Jornal Madeira

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