You really can’t make this up. A road is closed or it isn’t closed, and if its meant to have been closed since 2016, then why have these god dam people not done anything about it.

Now we will see another great tourist attraction probably disappear. The Câmara of Ponta do Sol are the only ones to blame for all this by ignoring it for so long, 6 years as they say, and now they have blood on their hands.

Below From Jornal Madeira

Despite the danger and prevention carried out by the authorities, Cláudia Dias Ferreira, coordinator of the Municipal Civil Protection of Ponta do Sol, reveals that guides and operators take “groups of tourists” to Cascata dos Anjos.

The death of the Polish tourist at Cascata dos Anjos this morning, raised again the question about the permanence and movement of people in that place, where water from a mountain falls down an unstable cliff to the seafront. The road has been banned since 2016, says the Ponta do Sol City Council, but the passage of vehicles with tourists and even locals on foot is very frequent.

“All day long, especially tourists and, above all, guides and tour groups in the Region, they pass that road to see the waterfall, despite the fact that the municipality has already closed that road to traffic” for more than four years, emphasizes the coordinator of the Ponta do Sol Municipal Protection Service, Cláudia Dias Ferreira, speaking to Rádio JM/FM.

“For safety reasons, above all due to the fall of stone blocks from an unstable slope, the road is prohibited to road traffic on that route. It’s not a circulation road, it’s just an access road for farmers to farmland. We cannot put a policeman behind each of the tourists”, she reveals.

Thanks to Karen for this photo of the waterfall below.