Ryanair allowed “very rapid growth in the offer of seats for Madeira”

Regional Secretary for Tourism welcomes record of more than 4 million passengers at Madeira Airport in 2022.

ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal confirmed today that 2022 was a record year for airports in the Region. For the first time, more than 4 million passengers disembarked and embarked at Madeira and Porto Santo Airports.

“This is undoubtedly an exceptional number. Madeira had never experienced a movement at its airports that exceeded four million passengers. It is the result of a work of great commitment and involvement of the entire tourism sector”, said Eduardo Jesus in statements to DIÁRIO / TSF Madeira.

Contributing to these results, according to the regional secretary for Tourism, are the investment in the recovery of the sector in the post-pandemic and the entry of Ryanair in Madeira.

“In the two years that preceded us, which were years marked by the pandemic, the Regional Government decided to reinforce the budget of the Promotion Association to prepare that association with the means to react in the best way in the resumption of all activity. That strategy went quite well”, began by saying the government official, noting that “this effort is giving its results, not only through the statistical data that have been made public throughout this year, but also through this indicator that is of greater importance”.

On the other hand, “the operation that we carried out with Ryanair, after a rapprochement that was made over time, allowed for a very rapid growth in the offer of seats for Madeira”, reiterated Eduardo Jesus.

“And more important than the number of seats that were made available was the way in which these seats were occupied, because the truth is that many more people came and the occupation of these aircraft allowed thousands and thousands of people to arrive in Madeira.

The official in charge of Tourism also highlights the implementation of new operations with other companies, such as Wizzair, as well as the reinforcement of operations with companies already present in the regional market, such as Easyjet or Transavia.

“This commitment by the entire sector allowed this achievement”, he stressed.

Eduardo Jesus also addressed a word of thanks to Turismo de Portugal, which accompanied the “crucial” moment of Ryanair’s entry into the Region.

“It makes us naturally very satisfied, because working together with the entity that manages Madeira’s airports we are able to do better”, stated Eduardo Jesus. The attraction of more companies to Madeira means “economic induction, more jobs, more business and more prosperity for our Region”, he concluded.

From Diário Notícias


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