Avoid this ATM Scam in Madeira and Europe

I have had this on my blog before, but it’s well worth mentioning again. These machines will take money from you, and you may not even realise, until its to late.

Continue Reading and watch the video below.

Unfortunately in Madeira we have many of these ATM machines, especially in the tourist areas hotels and so on. Normally a short walk and you will find an ATM that is better to use, and will give the bank rate, but always reject conversion, which you need to do twice.

Maybe if you see someone about to use one of these ATMs, maybe stop them and suggest another not so far away.

Always use these Multibanco machines, and all that are in banks or attached to banks. You will not be far from one, and it will save you money.

Also while we are on the subject of money, it’s always good to have some cash with you. The younger generation now think they can pay all the time with card, watch, smartphone, but in Madeira many places do not have the option to pay this way, especially smaller more local places. I also would not have the nerve to pay something contactless if it was only a couple of euros.




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