Crimes against people and property have decreased, but arrests have increased

Arrests for road crimes, drug trafficking and domestic violence “greatly increased” in 2022.

Work is PSP’s response in Madeira to those who blame/criticize this security force for the alleged increase in crime.

“Our reaction is to work. Keep working”, was Commander Luís Simões’ prompt response. He assures that the police continue to work 24 hours a day in the various valences and in the many ways of working, so much so that “the data indicate that the work is being productive.

A relevant indicator is the crime data recorded in the year 2022, where compared to 2019 – the last normal year before the pandemic – there is a “decrease in crimes against people and against property”. On the other hand, PSP Madeira has been proactive. Proof of this, “the number of arrests in 2022, whether for road crimes, drug trafficking crimes, or domestic violence crimes, will increase significantly. But this is good. It is a sign that we are more proactive and carrying out our work”, he underlined.

It is based on these indicators that Luís Simões promises a police force that will “continue to work every day”.

Unanswered is the possible entry of the GNR in the actions, for now, under the jurisdiction of the PSP.

“I don’t comment” was the response from the commander of PSP Madeira.

Regarding the delivery of new computer equipment following a protocol signed between the Police and the Madeiran Executive, Luís Simões is grateful for the important “reinforcement of operational capacity from a logistical point of view”, which, together with other equipment delivered on other occasions, are “reinforcements important for us to maintain a good operational capacity”, even concluding that the PSP in the Region has been “at a very good level”.

He even says that “in many matters the [Madeira] Regional Command is seen as an example for other commands on the continent”.

From Diário Notícias

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