There are four survivors among the dozens of puffins that washed up on the Madeiran coast

More than fifty puffins, a species native to the North Atlantic and considered to be under conservation threat, have washed ashore in the Madeira archipelago in recent days.

Until the end of the day yesterday, 57 birds had been collected in the Region. On the island of Porto Santo, 30 were rescued, of which four were alive despite being weakened. On the island of Madeira, 27 birds were collected, two of which had vital signs, were forwarded to the Wild Birds Recovery Centre, but ended up dying.

Similar to what has happened in recent weeks on the central coast of the Portuguese mainland, this phenomenon of landslides may be the result of climate change and the scarcity of fish in the ocean, but whose scientific explanation still lacks answers.

The explanations of the Institute of Forests and Conservation of Nature (IFCN) and the biologist Manuel Biscoito about this “extraordinary phenomenon”

From Diário Notícias

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