Covid-19 cases rise to 16

Madeira now has 16 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

The figures were advanced a few moments ago by Bruna Gouveia, vice president of IASAÚDE, at this afternoon’s press conference.

There are four Dutch patients and 12 Madeira patients.

According to Bruna Gouveia, vice president of IASAÚDE, 806 people are under active surveillance in their homes.

Of these, are the 19 health professionals. 

In all, Madeira has already registered 96 suspected cases.

Pedro Ramos, Regional Secretary for Health, 50% of patients with Covid-19 in Madeira are being followed at home.

According to Pedro Ramos, none of the patients needed intensive care for now.

According to Bruna Gouveia, three of the hospitalized patients should be discharged today to fulfill their isolation at home.

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