Please Note New Rules for Entering Madeira

This will be for residents or anyone coming from Lisbon, as no tourists should be coming now.

New restrictions coming from Lisbon into Madeira –
(info from British Consulate)
Because Madeira is in lockdown, anyone trying to enter the territory needs to have a document from the health authorities in Madeira saying they accept that person to enter the territory. Only then can they board a plane to Madeira. After that, they need to stay 14 days in quarantine. This is mandatory and will be controlled by the authorities.

They need to contact either the Instituto de Administração da Saúde Madeira (IA-Saúde) – 291 212 300 / or SESARAM – 291 705600, and set their case justifying why they need to entre Madeira (in this case, I assume is due to their legal residence).

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