This is something that has needed doing for years, and now it statmrts at the worst time possible when everyone ids already struggling on the island and those in business probably don’t have much help, especially the staff.

I believe the work is expected to last almost two years.

Funchal’s marina will be the target of a major requalification work to begin shortly and which will take place over two years. The investment to refurbish Funchal’s marina is budgeted at 5.3 ME.

Entrepreneurs with spaces on site, have already removed almost all belongings amidst a mix of hurt and revolt.

Despite being unanimous that the space needs work, several criticize the planned contract and what they classify as a “lack of guarantees” for traders.

Practically empty. This was the scenario with which the JM report came across yesterday at the Funchal marina, it was already the middle of the afternoon. A more than predictable image, since a deadline was given to businessmen, who own establishments in the marina, to remove their belongings and hand over the keys until the 20th of January.

Many, with a lifetime of work in the place, others arrived more recently, but, unanimously, the majority of those interviewed by the JM highlight the hurt of leaving and the a lot of money they invested. This without neglecting the employed staff they were in charge of.

They are stories of those who leave “with one hand in front of them and the other behind” and of others, more hopeful, who say they want to return.

It should be remembered that the vessels moored at the site, as well as tourist companies, will move, with the start of the contract, to start at the end of this month, to pier 8.

From Jornal Madeira