Not all is back to normal

Thanks to Allan for sending me these images of the notices on the lounge area in Madeira Airport which still hadn’t opened after the pandemic.

Tobi, could you please inquire when/if the Funchal airport lounge will reopen? I guess it closed during the pandemic, but flying has been back to normal for quite a while now.
Attached are some pics from last Saturday of the paper sign on the door. Clearly some dissatisfied travelers 🙂
Another service that is not back to normal is First Class on the Lobo Marinho Ferry.
You use to get a nice buffet breakfast and dinner on the way back, but this has never come back, and jyst given a little bit of awful food that you really wouldn’t pay for anywhere else.
They still even advertise buffet breakfast in first class, so along with false advertising, the extra service is just not worth the money, only if you want a quieter trip.
I guess there are a number of other services that disappeared due to the pandemic, never to return again.