“Some bars are a real mess” accuses Albuquerque

Please note the below video shows scenes of violance.

The president of the Regional Government is upset with the lack of responsibility that he admits is taking place at night in Funchal in some bars, giving as an example the “shame” that has been seen in bars on Rua das Fontes.

(This area has always been a problem, and I’m surprised the police responded as quick as they did as seen in the video below. Maybe they will be there a little more often now.) 

Annoyed by the negligence of many, he warns that he may be forced to take measures to put an end to the excesses.

“In these situations I don’t play. I’m not looking for popularity. As a matter of fact, I’m absolutely in the mood for whether they like me or not” began by saying Miguel Albuquerque before warning that if measures need to be taken to curb abuses, he won’t hesitate.

“I don’t mind that people get mad at me and say bad things about me. It doesn’t affect me at all. My obligation is to safeguard public health”, to conclude that “there are certain people who still do not understand or do not want to understand how the situation is”. At stake are establishments where “they don’t demand anything”, when realizing that “some bars are real rubbish with what has been going on”, even saying that “what goes on in Rua das Fontes is a shame”.

Albuquerque, who was speaking on the sidelines of his visit to the Galeão crib, in São Roque, informed that this Tuesday the government is going to meet with businessmen to warn of the ultimatum.

“Tomorrow the secretaries will meet with owners of establishments, especially bars, here in Funchal, to appeal to a sense of responsibility, since we have to keep the situation under control and what has been happening in recent days has been situations of abuse, in which nothing is fulfilled, nothing is required and this can lead to a situation where we lose control of the number of cases and chains, and will have to take other measures”, he said.

He also stated he does not want to close businesses in January like what will happen on the continent.

Please note the video below was from the early morning of Sunday, and has scenes of violance. Let’s hope parents have seen it and are ashamed of their children.


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