Snow expected on high ground

The weather will remain chilly for the rest of this week, warming up a degree or two at the weekend, but it should be mainly dry, with rain more likely over the mountains and north of the island.

After the ‘splashes’ of snow that, yesterday, happened in the mountains of Madeira, the IPMA, Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere continues to predict that there may be more snowfall during today. Rain is expected, especially on the northern slopes and in the highlands. The wind should be light to moderate (10 to 30km/h) from the northeast, sometimes blowing strongly in the highlands. Temperatures will range between 13º and 19º in Funchal and 12º and 16º on the island of Porto Santo.

In Funchal, the showers should be light, as well as the wind.

As for the sea, on the North Coast the waves will be from the northeast with 1 to 2 meters. On the South Coast, less than 1 meter. The sea water temperature is around 19/20º.

From Jornal Madeira