There has been a huge backlash from Albuquerque’s statement and rightly so. It really shows he has no idea of what is going on in the Region he governs, and shows no care for all the Madeirans, especially the young struggling with increase prices across the board, especially in housing, and are forced to leave the island. 

Below From Jornal Madeira

Young people from the Liberal Initiative party consider “inconsequential” the words uttered this week by Miguel Albuquerque that young people will be unemployed by choice.

“The words uttered by Miguel Albuquerque this Wednesday, in addition to being inconsequential, demonstrate that one of the two is either a total lack of respect or a total mismatch with reality on the part of the President”, say the Young Liberals of IL in a statement .

Ironically, they say that “this Wednesday’s joke was in bad taste” and “looks bad” on the President of the Regional Government. “It starts by qualifying regional employment opportunities as ‘very good’ and ends with a discreet populism saying that those who do not work do so by choice”, they say in a statement sent to JM.

“Young Liberals strongly condemn this mockery by Mr. President of the GR. We also regret the lack of vision and political inertia in the search for better professional opportunities for young people recently graduated in the region, who the regional government expects to be satisfied with the broad , but very precarious, range of options to choose from or you already know, emigrate!”, they declare.

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