Landslide closes road linking Encumeada to Paul da Serra

The fall of stones of some size on the road that connects Boca da Encumeada to Paul da Serra (ER 208) prevents car circulation on that road, which is very popular with tourists. 

The landslide right after the third tunnel (towards Encumeada – Paul da Serra) will have happened during the morning (or dawn) of this Friday, as witnessed by some people at the site. 

The authorities have already been alerted, and this route should be officially closed until the necessary cleaning and security checks are carried out. 

Situations like this are not new and stem from the fact that the road was ‘torn’ on the ‘edge’ of the slope, flanked by a cliff for its entire length. In 2013, a large landslide, close to the site of the landslide that now occurred, led to its closure for more than two and a half years, having reopened in February 2016.