Madeiran missing in England did not travel to Madeira

Leonardo Dinis, the Madeiran who has been missing since last Thursday, in England, did not travel to Madeira.

The guarantee was given by the local police to a friend of this young man, who was last seen at Bicester Village Train Station, after having said that he would travel to the Region, which did not happen.

The same source told DIÁRIO that the Madeiran is not hospitalized in any of the hospitals in Oxfordshire, but mentions that so far there is no clue as to his whereabouts and his mobile phone is still off.

As reported, Leonardo Dinis, 24, was wearing a black and blue shirt, black pants and white sneakers that day.

The friend admits to being quite worried as she guarantees that the Madeiran has psychological problems.

From Diário Notícias

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