Works at night motivate unusual protest in Madeira

A resident of Lugar de Baixo went to sleep on the tarmac in protest, as he guarantees that “no one can rest from the noise”.

The works that are being carried out overnight, on the Viaexpresso do Lugar de Baixo, in Ponta do Sol, have led to criticism. The repair work on the pavement has caused a lot of noise and, this morning, led to an unusual protest by a resident.

Arlindo Andrade, who assured DIÁRIO that he hasn’t slept for several nights because of the noise of the works, grabbed a lounge chair and a rug and went to sleep on the tarmac in protest.

The Public Security Police were called to the scene, but the man assured that “he would only leave if they carried him on his back”.

To the DIÁRIO, the resident said that the works began last week and confesses not understanding why they had to be done at night, for several consecutive days.

“If it was one time or another, he wouldn’t even say anything and even if it bothered us, we’d try to close our eyes. But this is abuse, it happens every day and no one sleeps”. That night they started around 7 pm and it was 4 am and the same noise was still going on”, he said, stating that among the residents there are several children and bedridden people who are the most affected by this situation.

As previously reported, the concessionaire informed that the Viaexpresso in Lugar de Baixo will be conditioned between kilometers 3,575 and 4,425, due to repair work on the pavement. “The conditioning takes place between 8pm and 6.30am, that is, at night, from April 17th to May 4th”, he added.


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