“Home” customer awarded with M1LHÃO in Madeira

Diogo Nóbrega, owner of the tobacconist, says he is very pleased that the prize was awarded in this ‘corner’., Photo AF

Another Madeiran was once again awarded the M1LHÃO award. This time, the code drawn was GMC 06146 resulting from a bet registered at the Esquininha da Sorte tobacco shop, on Rua do Bom Jesus, in Funchal.

According to Diogo Nóbrega, owner of the tobacco shop, the recipient already went to claim the prize this Saturday morning and was quite enthusiastic about this ‘gift’ over the weekend.

It is a “home” customer, a man aged around 60, who “has his regular game” and is a frequent player.

From Diário Notícias