Binter assures that landing was carried out “safely”

Binter explains, through a press release, what happened on May 9 and involved flight NT942 from Tenerife. The topic made the headlines in the print edition of the Friday Journal.

The Spanish company assures that the ATR landing maneuver at Madeira Airport “was carried out safely” and that it was “a landing without turbulence (neither light nor severe), nor any other occurrence that could be dangerous”. 

At issue is the report made by the control tower of the Madeiran airport that the plane had landed, on a day of strong winds and constraint on operations, outside the limits imposed by the aeronautical authority.

The company, which refers to having already contacted the competent authorities and expressed its willingness to “collaborate with them” in whatever is necessary to fully clarify the episode, describes that last Tuesday’s landing was carried out “in the usual contact zone, in the center and with the appropriate altitude. This maneuver is known as ‘butter landing’ due to the rigor and fluidity with which it is performed, as can be seen in the video that includes images of the moment”.

Binter further informs that the pilot who performed the maneuver has accumulated more than 9,500 flight hours, having already operated at Madeira Airport on 67 occasions. 

What Binter does not reveal in the statement issued this Saturday is the reason or reasons that led to the landing outside the wind limits. This situation is not allowed at Madeira Airport.

The plane from Tenerife was one of the few that managed to land on May 9, the day on which dozens of flights from various destinations were cancelled.

The National Civil Aviation Authority – ANAC – confirmed to DIÁRIO that it received the report of the situation and that it is investigating, subjecting the Spanish company to an administrative offense procedure.

The occurrence will also be registered in the European ECCAIRS system, with access to all European authorities.

From Diário Notícias

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