After the announcement of the cancellation of the Santana Gastronomic Show, which was supposed to take place between the 22nd and 29th of July, due to the low adhesion of local restaurants, which are struggling with a lack of manpower, the mayor, Dinarte Fernandes , clarifies that he is trying to find alternative dates for the concerts of Amor Electro and André Sardet, which were confirmed for the event

What we want is, at least, not to let these artists down. We know that Amor Electro declined the invitation to play at another event here in Madeira so that there would not be two concerts in such a short space of time and, in this way, safeguard the presence of the public in Santana. Therefore, we have to know how to respect the expectations of the artists with whom the municipality has committed and also with the agent that deals with contractual issues with us. Therefore, we are currently in talks with this agent to reschedule the shows of these artists for another date», explained the mayor in statements to Rádio Santana FM.
Remember that Amor Electro and André Sardet were scheduled for the 2019 Gastronomic Show, an event that was canceled due to the covid-19 pandemic.

From Jornal Madeira