Digital Nomads and VMT Madeira offer free catamaran trip to the ACREDITAR institution in the region

An initiative of the Madeira Friends Association and the company VMT Madeira that brought together more than a hundred people and families on a solidarity boat trip this Saturday on May 20.

The aim was to provide an outdoor experience in a relaxed family environment and in contact with nature. 15 May is International Family Day. In that context and to celebrate this date, the idea arose. ACREDITAR does an incredible job on the island supporting children and their families when cancer knocks on the door.

More than 100 people and friends of ACREDITAR participated in this activity. ACREDITAR is one of the institutions with whom the digital nomads have been involved with. For those who follow the Madeira Friends project, at Christmas, around 200 books were distributed to different local institutions, one of them being ACREDITAR. As well as in December 2021, two years ago, the digital nomads also created a solidarity campaign to collect toys, which were also delivered to this institution and among others.

Social responsibility is the main pillar of this community project and being able to provide families with such an experience in partnership with VMT Madeira makes us very proud. The work that has been developed in the last two years would not be possible without its members and friends, also known as Madeira Friends and their partners.

About the Madeira Friends project

The Madeira Friends association, founded last year by Luís Calado and Marelin Gonçalves, is presented as a long-term social project, with the aim of giving a greater purpose and continuity to the Digital Nomads program in the Region. The association was created to integrate the community of digital nomads and foreigners on the island and “ensure at the same time, that this new community leaves a positive footprint on the island, through the creation of real impact programs, from education, to welfare and sustainability, promoting a true social and inclusive integration.



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