Cliff Face Monitored on Calheta Seafront.

The cliffs overlooking the Calheta waterfront is being monitored by a team of rock workers from the Regional Government. A job that started this Monday and will last for the next three to four days.

This monitoring had already been scheduled since last year, as Mayor Carlos Teles told JM and 88.8 JM FM.

A necessary inspection, “duly programmed within the scope of the municipality’s commitment” with a view to the safety of this area, in order to assess the consolidation of an escarpment that once scared the population.

Thus, after winter and before summer, the Municipality of Calheta, in line with the Regional Directorate of Roads and the collaboration of the Regional Government’s rock workers, carries out these monitoring works that should condition traffic on this artery. And, for safety reasons, whenever necessary, the road will be closed.

During this first day of work, some unstable rocks of considerable size have already been ‘removed’, as you can see in the photo.

From Jornal Madeira