News summary.

A 54-year-old woman was murdered by her partner at home in Meia Légua on Sunday night. The fatal shot hit Délia Gouveia in the chin area, when she was in bed. The niece, who also lives in the same space, admits constant arguments between them, which “had to do with everything, with jealousy, with money, with life”, but she never thought that the worst could happen. “Where did you get a weapon?”, She asks herself, in statements to JM. Neighbors are perplexed.

This is the news that makes the headlines today in your Jornal Madeira, on a front page that highlights other police cases: foreigner arrested in Porto Santo after beating a woman on the public road; Camacha startled by successive robberies and vandalism; Rúben Aguiar denies the intention of running over an individual and says he was attacked; raid in Santo António and reinforced policing in São Roque.

Also know that unemployment in the Region has reached its lowest level since 2009 and that Intermarché is close to finalizing its investment in Madeira.