Mega yacht ‘AHPO’ calls Funchal today

A mega yacht called AHPO, one of the giants of this segment, makes a stopover today in the Port of Funchal. The ship departs from Freeport, in the Grand Bahamas and will head to Gibraltar, not before spending a few hours here. Arrives at 1:30 pm and leaves at 6:30 pm.

For lovers of these marvels of the sea, this one is worth seeing. The AHPO is so distinctive that words fail to describe it. That’s why we’ve selected a series of photographs to show you… you really want to get to know the inside. Even so, be aware that this luxury mega yacht is longer in length than, for example, the Lobo Marinho ferry.

According to the company that built her less than two years ago, “AHPO is an impressive 115-metre bespoke superyacht, built for a repeat customer who already owned an 86-metre Lürssen”. That client is also Michael Lee-Chin, a tycoon, investor and philanthropist of Jamaican origin and Canadian nationality, who has a personal fortune estimated at 1.5 billion dollars (1.38 billion euros), not counting all businesses around risk investment, banking, oil and hospitality and tourism.

According to the German construction company Lürssen, Lee-Chin “demanded a high level of design and engineering, as well as maritime comfort for his family. For the exterior and interior design, he once again relied on the Nuvolari-Lenard design office, which gave the AHPO a unique look. The aim was for the yacht to allow for a healthy and family-oriented life on board, with numerous facilities for sports and activities, including an extra-large gym on the sky lounge deck and the spacious wellness area -be on the lower deck”.

The yacht “was designed to travel to her destinations in maximum comfort and, as with all Lürssens, the yacht is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and engineering systems. For example, the generators are equipped with a heat recovery system. heat to heat the pool water, leading to lower electricity consumption and lower emissions, while dynamic positioning allows electronic anchoring in sensitive and remote areas, protecting the seabed and allowing safe mooring regardless of water depth” .

A luxury, therefore, that cost 350 million dollars (322.5 million euros) and was delivered in 2021. With a crew of 26 elements to serve 14 guests, the AHPO will have an estimated annual maintenance cost of around 30 million dollars (27.6 million euros). Stay here for five hours.

From Diário Notícias