Sérgio Gonçalves runs for president of the Regional Government to “change Madeira”

The president of the PS-Madeira publicly presents his candidacy for the presidency of the Regional Government, today, at 11 am, in the Praça da Associação Legislativa da Madeira. The project headed by Sérgio Gonçalves sees itself as “the only credible and necessary alternative to break with the regime in place and change the course of the Region.”

According to the socialist, in statements to DIÁRIO, the candidacy is based on “a project that brings a future to Madeira, Porto Santo and all Madeirans, a project with different solutions, which substantially changes the policies and priorities that have been followed by the current Government.”

For Sérgio Gonçalves, as PS-Madeira’s head of the list for the next Regionals, the objective is “to diversify the economy, create opportunities in other sectors such as digital and the sea, to present concrete solutions to the problems that affect Madeirans.” In the latter, he highlights the increase in the cost of living, considering it essential to reduce the tax burden, “something that only depends on the Region and that the current Government does not do, neither in terms of IRS nor in terms of VAT”.

The candidate also highlights two other issues that he considers to be paramount for Madeirans, housing and health. He recalls that: “Although there was a blackout in the waiting lists, with the disappearance of several specialties, the truth is that these have doubled since Miguel Albuquerque has been president of the Regional Government.”

From Diário Notícias