Sérgio launches candidacy with 7 measures and attacks Government that “squanders millions with friends”

The leader of the PS, Sérgio Gonçalves, presented his candidacy for the presidency of the Regional Government this morning in Funchal, with a speech in which he promised to transform Madeira into a land of opportunities for all and criticized an executive of Miguel Albuquerque who “squanders 33 million euros a year in pots and squanders 900 million euros in unnecessary works and invented projects”.

“From the Marina of Lugar de Baixo to the 240 million injected into development societies, to the 150 million to increase the bridge and, amazingly, protect Funchal from tsunamis. There are many millions of euros just to serve friends, economic groups and personal interests. It’s been many years to make some rich at the expense of all of us. In the meantime, we continue to see the waiting lists for consultations and surgeries growing”, declared the socialist leader, above the stage set up next to the Legislative Assembly of Madeira and with an audience of large dozens of people, coming from all municipalities.

Sérgio Gonçalves understands that it is time to change Madeira, because we have “47 years, almost half a century, of an exhausted power” in the archipelago, “a power that daily pinches democracy, a regime that lasts for almost as long as the dictatorship lasted in Portugal, and which tries to silence, threatening with retaliation, an opaque power, without transparency”

 The recipe proposed by the leader of the Madeiran socialists is different and involves using the money available to the Regional Government “to solve the real problems of Madeira”. Thus, it advanced seven measures that will be included in its Government program: maximum response times in the health area and transparency in waiting lists so that those who do not obtain an exam or surgery in the public service in a reasonable time, can resort to the private service without paying for it. Reopening of night emergency services in the health centers of Santana and Porto MONIZ. reduction of IRS and VAT rates to the minimum limits allowed by law (30% less than on the mainland); Completely free education up to the 12th grade, including textbooks, transport and food; program contracts with all city councils for housing projects, in order to guarantee a home for all Madeirans and Portossants. Diversification of the region’s economic base, with greater focus on agriculture, fisheries, new Technologies, and the introduction of a maximum limitation of three terms for regional deputies and the President of the Government.

From Diário Notícias